Knowledge of wood is important for the production of wooden barrels, and we pass this knowledge on from father to son. We make barrels in such a way that the ageing of wines and spirits occurs in the best quality with an excellent resulting flavour. We choose the wood on our own and then cut it ourselves. This guarantees that we work with material of the highest quality. The subsequent drying phase takes place naturally in stacks for at least two years.

We produce barrels for wines and spirits.

Barrel sizes

5–600 l
oak, acacia

225 l barrique barrel
Burgundy and Bordeaux Fryzelka

1 000 -10 000 l
Oak vats (barrels)

Types of wood

Wallachian Oak – from the northern part of the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area
Acacia – from South Moravia

Barrel shapes

round or oval


Barrel firing degrees

For spirits

  • without charring
  • with charring – the inner wall of the cask is fired to a depth of 0.5 cm and the colour of the wood is black (the cask is specially burnt)

We recommend charring barrels for Calvados, Whiskey or Rum and many other alcohols.

For wine

  • without charring
  • light – L
  • medium – M
  • medium plus – M+
  • heavy – H

The bottoms of barrels can be charred on request.

The characteristics of wine flavours from different degrees of charring

Light toast

  • intense wood flavours and aromas are extracted
  • the flavours develop very well with the long-term storage of wine in the cellar

Medium toast 

  • a very neutral aroma in the charring expression
  • the transfer of wood into the wine is deep, with less sweet perceptions when tasting
  • leaves a dominant flavour of fruit
  • the colour of the wood (stave) has a light brown tinge

Medium toast plus

  • the most commonly used degree of charring
  • coconut extract and vanilla start to appear
  • light smoke aroma
  • sweet flavours of oak and spices, sometimes with a light smoke (“smoked ham” flavour)
  • We char very slowly over low heat to avoid smoky and burnt flavours
  • the wood is a dark brown colour

Heavy toast

  • high extraction of vanilla, chocolate and caramel flavours
  • wines must be very strong in varietal characteristics
  • the flavour is rich and complex, with a smooth structure
  • the taste of “ham/bacon” very often predominates over the flavour of fruit
  • the wood colour is black

We will make a relief carving of your choice on the front face.

Good to know:

  1. in the case of larger barrels, a door can be made in the bottom
  2. we use hot-dip galvanised hoops
  3. all casks are tested for leaks by water and pressure
  4. on request, we can also make a wooden base and a brass or wooden tap

barrels 5-600 l

Wooden vats (casks) 1000 – 10 000 l

Barrels production

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