In our baths and tubs, the magic of fragrant wood combines with skilled craftsmanship. Our production follows traditional Wallachian processes, enhanced by modern technology. This helps us produce the highest-quality cooperage products.

The baths and tubs are made of oak or larch wood and glued with D4 waterproof adhesive. We can make any shape and size on request.

Important: The bath must not stand in rooms with radiant heating!

We recommend dried flowers from Herbal Wallachian drier st. Francis to our wooden baths.

First you choose material and shape

  • material: larch or oak

  • oval
  • ovoid oval
  • round
  • double bath
  • bathtub with rounded corners

Then you specify the type

  • straight without backrest
  • with backrest
  • with V-shaped backrest
  • with wave-shaped backrest

Finally, choose the location of the drain

  • at the edge
  • in the middle
  • in the middle (on the right or left side)

Don’t worry – we’ll be happy to help you choose.

For further advice and information on wooden baths and bathtubs, browse through our catalogue.

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We also produce bath accessories

  • bath seats
  • additional backrests
  • soap shelves
  • different types of steps (with or without handles)

The price of the product depends on the selected material, size and overall design.

The final price includes

  • Hot-dip galvanised hoops with special tightening screws
  • hole for drain
  • drain
  • 11-cm stand
  • Wellness Clear cleaner
  • surface treatment with five layers of Complex Hartölwachs oil

Air bubble bath – You can have bubble bath in our wooden baths too.

An air bubble bath is one of the luxury accessories available for our wooden bathtubs. Special air nozzles supplying compressed air are distributed about the bottom. Air bubbles rise up through the water and gently massage the skin. The air bath has a strong relaxing effect. The water temperature can rise up to 40 °C.

Mainly used for:

  • various neuroses and mental strain
  • insomnia
  • neurological disorders
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • rheumatic disorders
  • reducing pain

Learn how to take proper care of a wooden bathtub.


Oval bath with backrest

Wave-shaped bath

Wooden tubs without backrest

Bath with rounded corners

V-shaped bath

Bath for two

Cooling and bathing tubs

Whirlpool baths

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