Unique on the market, our water vats are made from high-quality oak or larch wood cut in the winter and naturally dried for two years to a 14% moisture level. Our vats are glued and naturally charred on the inside.

Charring serves to impregnate the wood against moisture and thus prolongs the life of the product compared to those of our competitors. The vats are sanded smooth and, depending on their size, are fitted with hot-dip galvanised and hand-riveted hoops. The vats are set on a pedestal so that mould and rot do not form beneath the vat.

Wooden barrels and vats are decorative elements in your garden, but mainly serve as a supply of water. Why have a plastic or tin water vat at home when you can have our vats that last for years and beautify your garden?

Wooden vat for fruit and cabbage

These containers have been used for centuries to ferment fruit for the subsequent production of various alcoholic beverages. High-quality spirits cannot be made without suitably ripe fruit. But an important part is fermentation, which must take place in high-quality, sanitary fermentation vessels. Wooden vats have always ranked among the most suitable fermenting vessels. The vats are similar to water vats, except that the bottom is narrower than that of water vats, and they are not charred on the inside, but sanded smooth.

Fruit vats

Water vats

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